Text Box: My goal is to speak Spanish in the classroom an average of 90% of the time.  
My job is to make sure that the Spanish used in the classroom is understandable to my students.  

Your job is to listen and read with an effort to understand; to stop the teacher with a signal when you do not understand; to support other students by allowing them to process the Spanish heard in class; to demonstrate understanding by responding appropriately in class with words or gestures.

Your job is to make your teacher happy:  keep the room clean; pick up your stuff; listen quietly while the teacher is talking; use Spanish in class; be a helpful interpreter when we have visitors in class.

“When acquiring another language...
•	First we learn to listen.
•	We learn to read what we’ve heard.
•	We learn to write what we’ve heard and read.
•	Finally, we speak because we’ve heard, read and written.”
Grant Boulanger
2015 Minnesota Language Teacher of the Year; 2016 Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Teacher of the Year

Text Box: The Student’s Job

Text Box: Interpersonal communication (40% of the grade):
How well the student interacts with other students, with the teacher, with school and class policies.  Class attendance and participation form most of your interpersonal grade in this Spanish class.

Presentational communication (20% of the grade):
How the student “presents” or demonstrates ability on tests, quizzes, classwork,  homework, speaking and writing.

Interpretive communication (40% of the grade)
How well the student demonstrates understanding of reading and listening activities.

Text Box: 1.	Sit in your assigned seat.
2.	Keep all distractions in your backpack.  Have ONLY the following items with you:  planner, cuaderno (in-class notebook), pencil or pen.
3.	1 person speaks.  Others listen silently, with no side comments.
4.	Signal when you do not understand.
5.	Speak Spanish.  NO ENGLISH.
6.	Follow TJ & DPS policies.
7.	Attend class physically and mentally.
8.	RESPECT (yourself and others)!

Text Box: Grades are based on...Text Box: Rules & Expectations

Text Box: Students receive INPUT in class, and attendance (physical and mental) is essential for success.  It cannot be duplicated at home, so make-up classwork is not needed.  However, students are expected to make up missed Friday quizzes within 2 weeks of the absence.Text Box: Almost every week, there will be an assignment posted on Edmodo.  Almost every Friday, students will take a short quiz on the posted assignment for the week.  Usually the homework is a practice exercise, to prepare for the Friday quiz.  It does not need to be printed and turned in unless it says so in the directions.Text Box: Email me at:
I check email multiple times during the school day, but NOT evenings and weekends.  

Call my classroom phone:
I do not accept outside calls during class hours.  You can leave a voice mail and I will call you back as soon as I can.

I am usually in my room each day during lunch, before school (by appt) and after school (by appt). I am always available during office hours on Wednesday. 

Check my TJ wiki for more information about the class:   

Be sure you are checking the Edmodo page for your class to get your weekly assignments:  
Text Box: Contacting the Teacher

Text Box: Books

Text Box: Make-up Work

Text Box: There is no textbook for this class!  This is why attendance is so important!
We will still read a variety of materials in this class:
realia (real things written in Spanish, like ads, comics, song lyrics, etc.)
class stories (stories we make up in class together)
novels (short chapter books written especially for novice language learners)

Text Box: Students will take a short quiz based on their Edmodo homework on most Fridays.  Other quizzes, based on listening in class and reading in class, are unannounced.Text Box: Tests & Quizzes

Text Box: Each student should be able to access all assignments online, using Edmodo.  Students can view assignments on cell phones or tablets (free app) or on a computer.  We will talk about how to make an Edmodo account during the first week of classes.Text Box: EdmodoText Box: HomeworkText Box: SeĖora BarberText Box: Thomas Jefferson HS
Spanish 1  2016-2017
























Text Box: Please PRINT this sheet, fill out and sign.  If you have no questions, that’s OK.  Just sign and return.Text Box: PARENT/GUARDIAN:

After reading the syllabus, what questions do you have about the class or teacher?  


What is the best way to contact you?
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email _________________________________________________


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